Is infertility after Covid shots directed at Europeans and Americans?Watch now (1 min) | Evidence indicates not everyone is a target (Updated 3/5/23)
Propaganda piece plays lachrymose music while swapping victim and perpetrator, say researchers (Updated 2/18/23)
Infertility surging after Covid shots: analystsWatch now (1 min) | Evidence points to fewer births and more pregnancy complications and fetal abnormalities after injections, say researchers (Updated…
Martha Stewart links Covid shots to beheading in Pfizer ad apparently heralding [redacted] enslavementWatch now (32 sec) | Your servitude beckons with mandatory injections and execution by the sword for disobeying your masters, implies “America’s…
Black Lives Matter and Antifa are [redacted] intelligence operations: researchersWatch now (30 sec) | The goal is to terrorize one group to flee cities, selling their homes and businesses cheaply to [redacted], claim analysts…
Constant propaganda keeps you looking the other way (Updated 3/1/23)
Leader reveals “extermination” by “collapse”Watch now (2 min) | Does this relate to the Covid bioweapon operation? (Updated 1/13/23)
Doctor exposes deadly operation and network of alleged perpetrators immune from public criticism (Updated 3/21/23)
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