Dennis Prager of Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire says you should follow lethal Noahide laws

Conservative pundit entices with ideas like “Judeo-Christianity” and servitude to lords Shapiro calls “chosen”


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A leading conservative platform, Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire aims to convince American Christians, Catholics, and Muslims that because they already worship “the God of Israel” and believe fictional characters and “prophecies” of the Old Testament (Torah) are real, they should eagerly follow Noahide laws — i.e., Jewish rules for all non-Jewish people — by which your family must be beheaded for disobeying those rules, say rabbis (see here and here).

Daily Wire hiree Dennis Prager says, “To usher in the Messianic Age, we have to spread ethical monotheism,” a belief in the one god common to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and who just so happened to choose the Jewish people to rule the world, rabbis tell us.

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Like Ben “Take the Vaccine, Dopes” Shapiro and fellow Daily Wire writer Jordan “Just Take the Damn Shot” Peterson, Prager is an enthusiastic proponent of Noahide laws, which promise to benefit him and kill many of the rest of us.

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