Along with the Covid spike protein, are migration and food shortages meant to harm Europe and America in revenge “predicted” by rabbis?

With war, selection of spike protein immune-escape viral variants, cyberattacks, open borders, and censorship, Europeans face multiple attacks, soon to include hunger (Updated 9/21/22)

Disclaimer: This newsletter rejects racism and antisemitism. Articles here are presented in an effort to understand current events and save lives. Discussion is welcome.

Joe Biden’s managers fed him the warning below of coming food shortages due to sanctions imposed on Russia, cutting off significant wheat and oil supplies to Europe and America.

US farming inputs will be cut off too, including potash, ammonia, and urea in fertilizer.

The sanctions are thus designed to harm American and Europe, and, in response, Russia and China may move away from the US dollar.

Rising fuel and food prices could lead to social unrest as more Americans and Europeans become unable to afford to eat, put gas in their cars, or heat their homes.

With modern agriculture, there is no reason today for any developed country to lack food.

This appears a plan by enemies of people of European descent, attacked on multiple fronts.

Could they want Holodomor 2.0?

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