Injections are making Covid variants deadlier: Vanden Bossche

Antibody-dependent enhancement of Omicron infectivity is already here as jabs urge selection of viral mutations escaping vaccinal immunity, says expert (Updated 11/24/22)


In a video interview with Bright Light News, Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD, further warns that the coercive global campaign to inject everyone with leaky Covid jabs encoding the toxic full-length viral spike protein will lead to antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) of disease severity among vaccinees.

Similarly, in 2001, Dr. Andrew Read’s group found vaccines that limit illness temporarily but don’t substantially prevent infection or transmission always lead to evolution of more deadly strains of a target pathogen.

Below is the full video interview with Dr. Vanden Bossche.

The interview also appears on Bright Light’s website, with a transcript, here.

Dr. Vanden Bossche’s interview key points:


  • The idea that new Covid vaccines will allow us “to stay ahead of the virus” is preposterous.

  • The most recent Omicron variants are more virulent — capable of causing more severe disease and death — than are earlier Covid viral strains, according to peer-reviewed publications.

  • Covid vaccines have suppressed immunity in some people, increasing cancers and herpes and other viral and fungal diseases.

Low Covid severity levels currently cannot be due to herd immunity.

There is no herd immunity with a high infection rate like we have now.


  • The virus is continuing to escape vaccinal immune pressure as mass vaccination continues.

  • This immune pressure is from vaccine-induced antibodies incapable of preventing infection.

  • Covid vaccines cannot prevent the virus from replicating or transmitting but do put immune pressure on the virus to select for worse variants.

  • This immune pressure has different implications for vaccinated versus unvaccinated people.

    • The virus is still evolving in an undesirable direction, toward more infectiousness and virulence.

    • The unvaccinated, especially in highly vaccinated countries, continue training their immune systems advantageously because the virus is circulating.

    • Whereas many unvaccinated previously got ill from Covid, now their immune system is trained, and most are doing well.

    • In vaccinated people, whereas previously the vaccines were protecting against severe disease, they are now increasingly protecting against disease altogether. So many vaccinees currently don’t get ill from Covid either.

Tenuous jab protection from severe disease


  • It’s a complex immunologic mechanism providing this additional protection to vaccinees.

  • This type of protection is unusual. It has never been elicited by vaccines before. But it is fragile and temporary.

  • It is due to infection-enhancing antibodies that we know predominate in sera of vaccinees when the neutralizing capacity of antibodies is diminishing, as is happening now. These antibodies help vaccinees overcome we call transinfection.

  • Cells infected by the virus in the upper respiratory tract migrate down to the lungs, where the virus is transferred to susceptible lung cells. This transfer, or transinfection, is what causes severe disease.

  • Antibodies that enhance infection at the upper respiratory tract are currently still able to prevent this transinfection. And by doing that, they prevent severe disease.


  • The infection-enhancing antibodies are now exerting immune pressure on viral virulence. The virus will overcome this pressure.

  • Virus remaining in the body still gets cleared by cytotoxic T cells capable of killing the virus.

  • The cytotoxic T cells eliminating virus-infected cells are basically activated almost all the time. This is because infection-enhancing antibodies make vaccinees more susceptible to infection.

  • So they get reinfected all the time, and hence cytotoxic T cells that have the task to clear virus-infected cells are activated all the time. These T cells get activated to a degree they are even capable of eliminating virus-infected cells at a very early stage of infection. That prevents disease altogether.

  • But this is temporary and fragile, and it explains why now even the World Health Organization (WHO) is declaring, “We are out of the woods. Covid is calming down.”

You will shift from antibody-dependent enhancement of infection — what we have right now — to antibody-dependent enhancement of severe disease.


  • The unvaccinated are well protected by natural immunity.

  • Vaccinees are now benefiting from the highest level of protection they’ve ever had because the vaccine is protecting against severe disease.

  • Strong activation of cytotoxic T cells is able now to eliminate virus infection and prevent disease at a very early stage of infection of the cell. This currently protects vaccinees even against mild symptoms to a large extent.

  • The most recent Omicron variants have evolved to be more virulent.

  • It has been shown in peer-reviewed journals that virulence has increased, but this is in vitro — in the test tube — not yet in the presence of infection-enhancing antibodies, which you have in vivo — in living organisms — who, in this case, are people.

  • But in vitro, the virus has already acquired these more virulent properties.

  • This clearly demonstrates the virus is continuing to evolve towards higher virulence.

  • And that kind of evolution is not really perceived right now, though it’s clear the infection rate is still very high.

Lower Covid hospitalizations and deaths: calm before storm


  • We have more and more asymptomatic infections.

  • Hence the infection rate is dramatically underreported because these people are typically not tested.

  • So we have a very high infection rate, yet vaccinated people seem to be protected against disease.

  • This is very strange because during a natural pandemic, you can have a high infection rate, but then transmission and infection rates diminish very dramatically. And in the end, it is completely under control.

  • That is, the virus transitions into what we call endemicity.

  • That is not the evolution we are seeing right now. Public health authorities are saying the virus is under control because during a natural pandemic, if the transmission and infection rates diminish, automatically the disease and mortality rates are going to decrease as well.

  • But now we have hospitalization rates, severe disease, and mortality from Covid decreasing to low levels, though not as a consequence of the transmission rate diminishing.


  • Low Covid severity levels now cannot be because of herd immunity. There is no herd immunity with a high infection rate.

  • Nevertheless, we have very low mortality and morbidity. That is the insidious evolution that is going on right now and is posing a tremendous challenge.

  • Normally during a natural pandemic, you have a balance between the damage a virus is doing and the immune defense fighting back.

  • During a natural pandemic, there is some damage. Some people die.

  • But then the immune system of the population, by herd immunity, is keeping these things under control. All in all, you have a sound balance.

  • And during endemicity, you may still occasionally have a surge if there is a gap in herd immunity. But then when the virus tries to spread, other people still have natural immunity to stop it, so that is balanced.

  • We have completely disturbed this balance with these injections, and hence we now face the threat we will transition from a situation that is white, where things are pretty mild with regard to Covid disease in the vaccinated, to black.

Current jab protection from Covid is unusual, never before elicited by vaccines. But it is fragile and temporary.


  • That could happen when this virus, because of the infection-enhancing antibodies in vaccinees, breaks through the last obstacle, the last hurdle of defense, which is temporary and fragile and hides virulence.

  • That means you will shift from antibody-dependent enhancement of infection — what we have right now — to antibody-dependent enhancement of severe disease.

  • That is what I predict based on my analysis of how the virus is evolving, the dynamics, and how the immune system is following.

  • But these vaccines cannot keep up with the virus.

  • Every 12 hours, the virus put a new generation on the globe.

  • Our immune system has learned to cope with pathogens over millions of years, and pathogens have learned to take advantage of the host — a human being or an animal — to proliferate and spread but in a way that doesn’t eradicate the population.


  • We are massively disturbing an equilibrium proven to be beneficial both for the pathogen and host in a way that there is not too much damage to the host and by which the virus or pathogen is given an opportunity still to spread and survive while being under control of population immunity.

  • Typical herd immunity can, from time to time, have a gap. And then the virus comes back, but it’s immediately tamed again by the remaining immunity in the population.

Antivirals, not current jabs, plus high infection rate can bring herd immunity


  • You have to diminish the Covid infection rate and prevent transmission.

  • The natural way of doing this is acquiring herd immunity through infection of the population.

  • If you prevent the vast majority of people from generating herd immunity, then they are no longer going to be able to provide sterilizing (i.e., transmission stopping) immunity unless you treat them with antivirals.

  • Antivirals have nothing to do with immunity. But antiviral defense could be complementary with the herd immunity the unvaccinated have and could suffice.

  • Both herd immunity and antivirals together diminish the infectious pressure of the virus so the viral infection can be under control.

  • My only priority is to prevent children from being vaccinated because they are not yet contaminated by the vaccine.

  • Omicron is circulating widely. Once you are primed by the vaccine, you recall these vaccinal antibodies all the time.

  • Omicron is like a natural vaccine circulating all the time.

  • Children have fantastic innate immunity that can mature into full-fledged natural immunity that fully contributes to herd immunity.

  • Almost every child contributes to herd immunity.

  • The only hope is nobody will touch our children with these Covid vaccines. But it’s already ongoing, unfortunately.

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