Just shared this to other's on Steve Kirsch's Substack. We need an Interstack button.

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Such a button would be great. Thank you for your comments and for being here.

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Jan 11, 2022Liked by James Hill, MD

Always thought it was strange that even top doctors/experts were saying to vaccinate the vulnerable (without defining what vulnerable was). Why would you prescribe a known clotting agent to a patient with a compromised circulatory system?

Would be interesting to see how many vaccinated elderly succumbed to pesky infections around heart valves and the like. That would easily be discounted as vaccine related.

Also, hypoxia can cause dizziness and falls. How many people fell, hit their heads, broke hips etc? Drove off the road? Would be interesting to see incidents/accidents within 3 days of vaccine.

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Jan 13, 2022·edited Jan 13, 2022Liked by James Hill, MD

In January 2021, I studied the first 66 VAERS reports of death following COVID-19 vaccinations.

Of the 56 people known to be age 60 or over, there were 33 known to have died on Day 0, Day 1, or Day 2. So in this small sample of 56 people 60 or over, 59% are known to have died on the day of vaccination or in the next 2 days.

I think it's important to pay attention to the deaths on Day 2 because that is a "critical day" for the non-specific stress response described by Hans Selye.

Here are the raw stats:

Age of patient:

Unknown - 5 people

Less than 60 - 5 people

60 and up - 56 people

Day of death when day of vaccination = Day 0:

Day 0 -- 18 people (11 died within about 3 hours after the injection)

Day 1 -- 7 people

Day 2 -- 13 people

Day 3 -- 4 people

Day 4 -- 5 people

Day 5 -- 6 people

Day 6 -- 3 people

Day 7 -- 6 people

Day 8 -- 0 people

Day 9 -- 1 person

Unknown -- 3 people

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Thank you. This is concerning and consistent with what Paardekooper, Team Enigma, and others are finding.

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Jan 12, 2022Liked by James Hill, MD

Have you considered manipulation of VAERS data later in 2021? Lots of anecdotal stories of that. Could be delays in entering data or outright deletion of records for certain types of events?

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Yes, it’s quite possible.

I discuss it here: https://hillmd.substack.com/p/vaccine-batch-deaths-arent-really

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Such an important angle on the whole story. The amount of effort that this Craig Paardekooper has put into analyzing the VAERS data, making the data available to others, and making presentations about it is astonishing.

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I'm vaccine injured the toxic one was Feb.9th 2021 but no one mentions about the GO being in the flu shot also since 2019 same time cdc org. Green Zone's. The ama won't let you be a doctor if he treats you for vaccine injury(there has to be some other reason your sick or hurt) In my small county in the northeast. I talked to the sec. of local rep. they are flooded with over 70 letter's of people that can't get a doctor now either because they won't take the vax or booster or (vax injured and won't shut up). Doctor's a discharging them then they are unable to get another doctor without traveling a couple hours..

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I'm vaccine injured . The most toxic one was Feb.9,2021 I getting and more and more side effects. The AMA have instructed doctor's don't give test results, don't link anything to the vaccine or lose you licence . I talk to the sec. of a local rep. for our county. Now if you won't take the vax or booster or disagree with psych treatment because you tired of being told nothings wrong with you. The doctor's are dismissing you. You can't get a doctor after that and she said, she has read over a hundred. A very small county in PA.

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