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Dr. Hill,

While like you, I am 100% that this nonsense was not accidental, I am more nuanced about those who still believe/ claim that this was an accident... Most people who are still naive enough not to conceive that the foreign entity called the "US Government" would inject us with a toxic product are not part of any conspiracy after all...

Admitting that this was deliberate is the next step and needs hard proof, while we only have circumstantial evidence.

In my opinion, whomever is willing to fight these toxic inoculations and the mandates is an ally, regardless their stand on the origin of the virus; this is the first battle we need to win.

Send Fauci to jail and he will sing... unless he happens to be in the same cell as Epstein - of course.

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There was no pandemic. "the virus' is a PSYOP planned MANY years in advance., to unleash the real bioweapon attack on humanity - mRNA so called "vaccines". They've told us the truth years in advance - we are The Virus they are trying to eliminate. They've told us the names of the "variants" in advance as well. All hidden in plain sight in their predictive programming.





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Event 201 was the practice run for the pandemic practice run. The vaccines are only slightly lethal because this pandemic was just a practice run (unless the plan is to induce chronic injury in a minority of the population).

Lufthansa was there to inform the participants about the importance of limiting air travel for the unvaccinated.

Marriott was there to inform participants about using hotels for quarantine.

Avril Haines of the CIA/NSA and George Gao of the Chinese CDC led Event 201.

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With such a widespread plethora of bio weapons labs across the world why would these slime balls need an accidental release? And certainly why China? We had labs in North Carolina, Texas and of course the labs we know for certain are connected to the Biden family in Ukraine. Plus there is a tremendous push since 2020 at least to develop bio weapons labs throughout the USA. Disgusting watching Rand Paul become enriched while pushing his little theories. Both sides rotten to the core - the show they put on for our “benefit”.

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is there any politician or media figure considering ‘virus; whatever toxin’ bioweapon #1 & ‘injectables’ bioweapon #2?

early whistleblower?


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None of these people talk about ending the emergency.

The emergency allowed *all* of the madness, including forced masking and airplanes.

The emergency allows the money to flow to hospitals.

All the vaccines are EUA only.

They want the madness to continue.

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I find it oddly offputting and judgemental you condemn people not as far down the adjustment-reaction path as you, as "complicit". https://odysee.com/@Chris_Martenson:2/the-adjustment-reaction:1?r=7uvLDsnWkc3b3Z8sdq8eJrDGMC8rPv9e

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The only issue is it wasn't leaked. They released it on purpose to create chaos and hand control over to the WEF, WHO, and others. All part of the plan tied to Gates and others. They've been planning for a long time. I am surprised how much people bought it hook, line and sinker. Critical thinking in the world today no longer exists.

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