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Dr. Zelenko advocates deadly religious laws, part 2

His lifesaving Covid advice shoehorns acceptance of killing people who disobey rabbis’ rules (Updated 11/3/22)

In the video above, Elizabeth Glass (Telegram: Stop Health Passports) warns of Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko’s promotion of Noahide laws, signed into US federal law in 1991 and by which rabbis say non-[redacted] people will be executed by decapitation for violating rules as determined by [redacted] leaders.

Part 1 of this inquiry:

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Back to Part 2:

Researchers say there is an apparent Trojan horse ploy:

“Who can disagree with rules that say don’t steal, murder, or commit adultery?

“Come on, man, just accept these laws as binding on all non-[redacted] people.

“We’ll introduce Noahide laws in each region of the world — as have already been mandated in all 50 states and by every US president since Jimmy Carter — as an inoffensive ‘Education and Sharing Day’ and ‘moment of silence’ in public schools and government meetings.

“No one can object to that!”

Then beheadings can begin once certain control conditions are met, say rabbis.

This article explores some of these issues.

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Dr. Zelenko claims you must choose either Covid tyranny or Noahide laws
Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko encourages people to turn to the seven Noahide laws to escape Covid mask and vaccine slavery, yet rabbis tell us gentiles (non-Jews) will be killed or forced to be servants under Noahide laws once gentiles are under the type of control mandatory vaccines create…
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