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Choice of full-length spike protein by competing companies as sole Covid vaccine target reveals bioweapon operation: Yeadon

There could be no worse jab antigen pick: toxic, rapidly mutating to escape vaccinal immunity, and having humanlike protein sequences to provoke autoimmunity, says Pfizer ex-boss (Updated 6/25/22)

In a video interview, Pfizer’s former respiratory medicine chief Michael Yeadon PhD decries singular use of the SARS-CoV-2 viral spike protein for Covid vaccines as highly toxic, rapidly mutating to enable vaccinal immune escape, and containing too many human-like amino acid sequences, provoking autoimmune reactions in many injectees.

In agreement, this newsletter has noted potentially deadly design features of current Covid vaccines and the incredible “coincidence” in the awful “choice” of full-length spike protein targeting by multiple vaccine companies.

These are signs Covid is a bioweapon operation.

Supposedly competing companies making at least the first four authorized Covid vaccines — Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZenica, and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) — “coincidentally” made the same terrible vaccine target choices:

  1. producing mRNA or DNA vaccines encoding the full-length, toxic viral spike protein, translated in each recipient in an uncontrolled, variable dose;

  2. not including any other antigen targets than the spike protein, facilitating easy immune escape;

  3. not removing from the encoded spike protein any dangerous epitopes (amino acid sequence regions) that can induce blood clotting, autoimmunity, or inflammation; and

  4. making the vaccines reduce illness (hospitalizations and deaths), at least for early viral strains, but not substantially block infection or transmission, aiding selection of more virulent variants.

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Dr. Yeadon, interview excerpt above:

[In choosing virus antigens for a vaccine], you should pick bits of the virus that are genetically most stable.

Now, I don't know that we knew it at the beginning, but it's certainly true now: the thing that undergoes [mutational] variation most quickly is the spike protein. …

Now you've picked something that's going to rapidly go out of focus, rapidly evolve to a different variant, and your vaccine won't work anymore.

But then — here's something they definitely did know — you would pick a part of the virus — and this is important —most different from humans.

So viruses and humans and fungi and bacteria are all living organisms. They have some relationships because we all probably originated from the same instantiation of life.

And then there's been evolution ever since, so there are [genetic] similarities and differences.

You you can run [computer protein sequence] searches, and you can find the bits of the virus that are most “virusy” and most dissimilar from anything else in your body. …

Spike protein is slightly similar to lots of bits of human.

Guess what happens if you do that?

You make an immune response to bits of protein that look a bit like you, and sometimes you end up with a spillover.

That's called an autoimmune response.

So just to say again, you deselect things that are toxic in their own right.

You pick things that are genetically stable.

And you pick things that are most different from humans.

All three of those [criteria] … teach you away from picking spike protein.

But guess what?

Moderna picks spike protein.

Ooh, and so does Pfizer.

And AstraZeneca.

And Johnson and Johnson.

So I put it to you colleagues, any scientists out there or just logical people:

How the hell would they pick — no team I was ever part of would have picked — bloody spike protein for this vaccine?

And you know what? If we did, and we had competing groups, we would not — all four of us [companies] — make the same mistake.

It’s not possible.

Good drug discovery is not a mistake.

I believe it's collusion and malfeasance.

They did it on purpose, knowing it would hurt you

Full video interview with Dr. Yeadon:

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James Hill MD’s Newsletter
James Hill MD’s Newsletter
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