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Get vaccinated!

Coerced injections should be presumed bioweapons until proven otherwise (Updated 2/26/24)

Applying the precautionary principle, you should assume — until those trying to jab you prove otherwise — any mass injection you’re forced, threatened, cajoled, bribed, or deceived into taking is part of a bioweapon operation that could kill, disable, or sterilize you.

This is especially true for vaccines that don’t substantially prevent viral transmission or infection but instead purportedly only diminish hospitalizations and deaths for vaccinated persons.

Even if Covid injections were to produce more benefit than harm — and evidence hidden by Israeli officials indicates they do not — such vaccines would therefore be prophylactic medications, not limiters of disease spread, and thus cannot be mandated or forced upon people without violating their right to refuse treatment, a bedrock of medical ethics.

From Patient Rights And Ethics by Olejarczyk and Young:

Refusal of Treatment

A patient may refuse treatment … out of the principle of autonomy.

In the United States, the right to refuse treatment is protected by 42 CFR § 482.13.

Safe, effective, and necessary vaccines don’t need to be coerced.

They sell themselves if the public is allowed to see all evidence of these qualities, just as people will buy a good bicycle or computer without being forced or lied to.

How can leaders demonstrate to the public a vaccine is safe, effective, and necessary so people can give fully informed consent to take it?

For starters:

  1. full data transparency, rather than asking a court to hide vaccine trial data for more than 75 years

  2. adequate human testing in various populations — such as children, the elderly, and pregnant women — before administering jabs to those groups

  3. addressing potentially significant safety signals

  4. explanation of why serial numbers are not allowed on vaccine vials or cartons and why this is being hidden from the public

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