“Thirty-three” code in Covid kill operation

Strange signals mock your family’s submission to needles, masks, and lockdowns (Updated 2/11/24)

Research indicates Covid and 9/11 are [redacted] military intelligence operations designed to kill and surveil people and to appear to fulfill religious “prophecies,” often by exhibiting numerology and other symbolism.

In 2020, hundreds of government and media figures worldwide bizarrely mentioned the number 33 in announcing Covid infections, cases, and deaths (video above).

These declarations likely served two functions:

  1. signaling to intelligence agents the Covid bioweapon attack was underway and meeting planned milestones and that the speaker was on board; and

  2. signifying ritualistic significance of the operation in murdering or disabling targets of [redacted] intelligence, just as mask wearing is reportedly a ritual for those coercing it, perhaps including WHO’s Susan Michie, who says we should forever wear harmful masks that restrict airflow.

The video also highlights (starting at 6:00) media announcements of “33” in connection with other alleged viral outbreaks: measles, Zika, yellow fever, and Ebola.

This raises the possibility these outbreaks too were engineered by the same powers behind the Covid operation.

How is 33 a symbol?

The number 33 allegedly holds significance in freemasonry.

Researchers say [redacted] intelligence agencies run freemasonry and that their goal is get the world to submit to Noahide laws, by which non-[redacted] people must be executed by decapitation for not following the rules, according to authorities.


French author Jacob Cohen says civilian helpers of [redacted] intelligence, known as sayanim, are often people of high rank in media, finance, government, and entertainment and members of “[redacted] masonry” groups (video below).

Aisling O'Loughlin
On March 09, 2020 - RTÉ News ran the headline: 33 cases of coronavirus are confirmed on the island of Ireland. Across the world the number 33 would be used as a signal for all systems go. The greatest scam the world had ever witnessed was about to mobilise, through a co-ordinated global campaign aimed at scaring millions into taking part in liability fr…
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Here is another video on 33 Covid signaling:

This symbolism can also be seen in Pfizer’s Omicron booster TV commercial, in which Martha Stewart chops off a pineapple crown with a big sword, reportedly symbolizing Noahide law beheadings, complete with 21 pots symbolically hanging overhead:

Foreshadowing a plan for Covid operations, Dr. Rima Labow and Alex Jones told Minnesota ex-governor Jesse Ventura in 2009 (video below) to expect a putative viral pandemic to usher in toxic injections distributed by health authorities.

Such symbolism and “prophecy fulfillment” psyops also surround the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Researcher Adam Green discusses:

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