Mark Slapinski says the unvaccinated should be looted and sent to work camps

Journalist joins other leaders calling for cruel treatment of people refusing leaky spike protein jabs having no long-term safety record (Updated 8/29/22)

May 1, 2022

In what he calls “the final solution to the antivaxxer question,” Canadian journalist Mark Slapinski says unvaccinated people are “dirty [and] disgusting” and should receive the following treatment:

  • “Take little stickers and put them on all [their] houses just so people know who they are and where they live.”

  • “Put them on cattle cars and ship them off to work camps.”

  • “Force them to work — free labor — get them to build stuff. … Use them to work for us.”

  • “Segregate them.”

  • “Remove them from society.”

  • “[Strip] them of all their rights.”

  • “Loot them and use their assets.”

  • “They can leave [the country] at any time as long as they are vaccinated.”

If he’s joking, it’s not apparent. Or funny.

(Update: A smart commenter below says this is indeed sarcasm. Let’s hope so. Some claim Slapinski is serious, however.)

Here Slapinski says the unvaccinated should be “discriminated against.”

Slapinski joins many leading voices — including Howard Stern, David Frum, Gene Simmons, Arthur Caplan, Geraldo Rivera, Jennifer Rubin, Jimmy Kimmel, Noam Chomsky, Max Boot, Jeff Zucker, Andy Slavitt, Randi Weingarten, Tim Wise, and Jerry Saltz — who say they are [redacted] and savagely demand the unvaccinated be deprived of work, travel, education, medical care, or food.

What does this pattern mean?

One exception is former Clinton campaign manager and brutal Covid vaccine mandater James Carville, who says he is Catholic and that he wants to punch unvaccinated people in the face.

Why is Carville seemingly as vicious toward the unvaccinated as are his [redacted] cohorts?

One clue might be that Carville says his “role model” is Pope Francis, who demands all of humanity take leaky spike protein vaccines and follow [redacted] Noahide laws (see also here and here).

Of Pope Francis, Carville says:

I’m crazy about him.

I think he’s a great guy.

Like I said before, I know people who know him and they think the world of him.

You know, I actually do think and choose to believe that the Holy Spirit had something to do with those guys [cardinals] picking him.

I think he’s just what the church needs.

He’s remarkably and understandably like a regular guy.

He’s a humble guy.

I think he sets the right tone, and I like him a lot.

Disclaimer: This newsletter rejects racism and antisemitism. Articles here are presented to understand current events and save lives.

On the other side, opposing Covid vaccines, Dr. Zelenko also promotes Noahide laws.

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All this propaganda and masking and vaccine coercion appear integral to the Covid bioweapon operation.

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Some Christians say we should obey these leaders as speaking for a god.

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If these people want to treat your family this way for refusing leaky spike protein vaccines having dreadful design features and no long-term safety studies, how will they treat you in their Covid detention camps or during engineered food shortages (see also here and here)?

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Your wearing harmful masks that have no good evidence of reducing infection rates is the submission signal they apparently seek.

Could rabbis be correct who say non-[redacted] people will be enslaved or killed under Noahide laws (see also here) and that vaccine passports will be used to implement this system?

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