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[Redacted] controls America’s critical infrastructure at great peril: analyst

Politicians and media never tell you our energy, transportation, food, water, borders, and ports of entry are increasingly in their hands and can be used to kill us, says researcher (Updated 6/7/24)

We need a comprehensive audit of US critical infrastructure control by [redacted] intelligence groups, says a commentator in the video above.

The primary audit focus is to identify former or current members of [redacted] intelligence unit 8200 and individuals from [redacted] military intelligence. The aim is to determine who among them currently holds contracts related to critical infrastructure in the US, he says.

Infrastructure at risk

Critical infrastructure they reportedly manage includes ports; dams; water systems; oil, gas, and nuclear energy; electrical grids; and transportation systems such as highways. This underscores the importance of scrutinizing these sectors to understand who controls them.

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