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Whitney Webb: Why is [redacted] intelligence allowed to control American critical infrastructure and surveil and censor citizens?

And why can they manipulate voting machines and deceive us into war, she asks (Updated 6/7/24)

In the January 2024 interview excerpted above, journalist Whitney Webb reveals the following about how [redacted]’s control of American infrastructure can quickly “bring us to our knees”:

CTIL Files

Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger released the CTIL (Cyber Threat Intelligence League) Files in November 2023.

CTIL was created during Covid by “volunteers” with backgrounds in Israeli and American intelligence.

Initially, they claimed to want to help hospitals fend off cyberattacks but expanded their work to include critical infrastructure.

CTIL was found to be actively censoring Americans, using burner phones and dummy accounts to entrap people.

Webb had investigated CTI League three years prior and uncovered more sinister activities: they appeared to be provoking America into a war.

Key people

Ohad Zaidenberg: Lead figure and cofounder of CTIL, a career Israeli intelligence asset and former commander in Unit 8200, Israel's signal intelligence agency.

Zaidenberg focused on cyberattacks against Iran and later worked for Clear Sky, a cybersecurity company with ties to Israeli national security.

Zaidenberg frequently blamed Iran for various cyberattacks, providing little or no evidence.

CTIL and America’s infrastructure

CTIL partnered with CISA (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency), part of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

CTIL gained access to critical US infrastructure, including hospitals, big pharma, dams, chemical plants, oil and gas supplies, water systems, electrical grids, and even nuclear reactors.

Membership in CTIL is approved only by Zaidenberg and other cofounders, mainly from Microsoft and US Naval Intelligence.

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Whitney Webb’s research is valuable, but she doesn’t mention a few other things about [redacted] military intelligence:  

1. They planned, executed, and covered up 9/11 and continue to censor media discussion of it every minute of every day, with assistance from US intelligence agencies, say researchers like Laurent Guyenot PhD, Christopher Bollyn, Alan Sabrosky PhD, and Heinz Pommer PhD.

2. They unleashed the Covid bioweapon and its injection, masking, and lockdown policies through control of the Pentagon and other agencies, according to analysts. And they engineered the viral spike protein as an ethnic bioweapon, observes a scientist eyewitness among others.

3. They killed the Kennedys, including JFK, RFK, and JFK Jr., say researchers like Ron Unz and Laurent Guyenot PhD.

Guyenot writes:

Like Michael Collins Piper long before me, and like Ron Unz more recently, I believe that Israel assassinated both JFK and RFK.

From there follows naturally the hypothesis that Israel also killed JFK Jr., and for the very same reason as they killed RFK: to prevent him from ever reaching the White House and reopening the investigation on his father’s death. When I say “Israel,” I mean it in the broad sense, as including all the Machiavellian crypto-Zionists infiltrated in all layers of the U.S. power structure, including corporate media.

Israel [did] not just assassinate [the] Kennedys. They keep assassinating their memory, through a constant flow of anti-Kennedy books attacking their character and vilifying their family. This is what JFK researcher James DiEugenio calls “the posthumous assassination of JFK,” the obsession to “smother any legacy that might linger”; for “assassination is futile if a man’s ideas live on through others.”

Take for example pseudo-biographer C. David Heymann, who after working for the Mossad in Israel (from his own admission), returned to the U.S. only to write Kennedy biographies, including the salacious Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story, and went on, after JFK Jr.’s death, to claim a ten-year secret acquaintance with him in order to fill the media with rubbish.

Why do publishers and mainstream media keep taking Heymann seriously? Why does the New York Post give a positive review of his latest book, American Legacy: The Story of John and Caroline Kennedy (2007), which portrays John Junior as a “novice pilot” who boarded his plane half-drunk and under heavy medication (“Vicodin to relieve the pain of a recently broken ankle, plus Ritalin for attention-deficit disorder and medication for a thyroid problem”), who took off while “the haze had already grown thick and viscous,” and who spent the last 30 seconds of his life “not knowing up from down, frantically pulling at his plane’s controls in a panicked attempt to right its deadly spiral,” “with whirling instruments sending him messages he couldn’t read”?

The [redacted] elites have hated the Kennedys ever since Joseph Kennedy, as U.S. ambassador in London, tried to prevent Roosevelt from entering World War II, resigned when he did, and then complained that “the [redacted] have won the war.”

Kennedys must pay for “the sins of the father,” as Ronald Kessler titled his book (The Sins of the Father: Joseph P. Kennedy and the Dynasty He Founded, 1996), a not-so-subtle reference to Exodus 20:5 asserting Yahweh’s right of vengeance on three generations. The [redacted] elites also hated the Kennedys for everything they represented, including a very strong sense of blood kinship that [redacted] prefer Gentiles not to have.

Back to Whitney Webb’s analysis:

Chris Krebs and Microsoft connections

Chris Krebs, former head of CISA and of cybersecurity at Microsoft, played a key role in integrating CTIL into US infrastructure “protection.”

Krebs' connection to Microsoft facilitated CTIL's involvement, raising concerns about their true motivations.

Censorship and cybercrime

Microsoft created its own censorship engine, NewsGuard, and promoted ElectionGuard software for US voting machines.

NewsGuard and ElectionGuard were part of Microsoft's Defending Democracy Program.

Sarah-Jayne Terp is another figure involved in “misinformation” policy within CTIL.

Broader concerns

CTIL's censorship activities are part of a larger agenda to treat “misinformation” as cybercrime.

The World Economic Forum's Partnership Against Cybercrime, involving the US Secret Service, FBI, and Department of Justice, also sees to treat “misinformation” as cybercrime.

CTIL's actions could provoke conflicts, especially with Iran, given their ties to Israeli intelligence.

Connections to Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates

Bill Gates' connections to Jeffrey Epstein are notable, given Epstein's ties to both American and Israeli intelligence.

Gates' agenda during Covid should not be forgotten, particularly on mandated nucleic acid injections encoding toxic foreign proteins expressed in variable quantities for uncontrollable durations.

Webb describes Epstein's network as a transnational organization operating like organized crime, with no loyalty to any nation.

Edward Snowden revelations

Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks revealed that Israel, along with Russia and China, is one of the most aggressive cyber attackers targeting US systems.

Israel's intensive cyber activities align with its strategic goal of provoking US actions against Iran, a key regional adversary.

Regime change and manipulating public perception

Israeli intelligence, with US intelligence collaboration, has long-standing plans for regime change in Iran.

This agenda involves manipulating US policy and public opinion to support more aggressive actions against Iran.

The CTIL's activities in the US, including their censorship efforts, are seen as part of this broader strategy to control the narrative and push the US towards conflict.


Webb emphasizes risks of allowing individuals with foreign intelligence backgrounds to access critical US infrastructure.

Concerns exist about the true motivations of CTIL and potential for their actions to provoke geopolitical conflicts.

Webb expresses skepticism about sending Americans to fight for foreign powers, especially those involved in espionage against the US and linked to people like Jeffrey Epstein.

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