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False flag attack on America will be blamed on Iran: analyst

If enough Americans become aware of the plan, it might be stopped, hopes journalist (Updated 4/24/24)

Hallmarks of [redacted] false flags

Researchers like Whitney Webb say two signals indicate whenever [redacted] military intelligence carries out a false flag attack on America and blames it on someone else:

  1. Evidence presented for their official story is always lacking and boils down to, “Just trust us and shut up.”

    Examples include the USS Liberty, WMDs allegedly in Iraq, and jet fuel fires supposedly disintegrating the Twin Towers.

  2. Instead of strengthening America’s constitutional resolve, responses to the attack always include removing citizens’ rights, such as by quashing their freedom to travel, increasing surveillance and censorship, forcing lockdowns and business closures, coercing masks and injections, and attempting to take guns away from law-abiding Americans rather than criminals.

    This happens through control of Congress, says ex-congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

This appears geared toward having America “fall” according to a propaganda narrative spread among religions.

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