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No planes hit the towers: eyewitnesses, physics

They really put one over on us with 9/11, just like Covid, say researchers (Updated 1/29/24)

The video above showcases problems with the official story of airliners hitting the World Trade Center Twin Towers and contains clips from Ace Baker’s excellent documentary 9/11: The Great American Psy-Opera, banned by YouTube.

Key points:

  • Boeing 767 jets cannot fly as fast (around 590 mph, per Wikipedia) while as low (below 1,000 feet ASL) as claimed for United Airlines Flight 175’s alleged impact with the south tower.

    Airline captain John Lear swore an affidavit to this effect in former US Labor Department chief economist Morgan Reynolds PhD’s lawsuit against NIST.

Aeronautical engineers Ben Eadie, Willem Anemaat, and Captain Gordon Wilson also say this speed and altitude were “impossible” in the video below, starting at 1:00.

In the video below, engineering professor Judy Wood PhD discusses how aluminum airliners break apart in thick air at high speeds.

  • No wake vortex from the planes was observed but should have been if real planes hit the buildings, as discussed in the top video at 8:15.

  • Cartoon physics animations depicted Flight 175 entirely “melting” into the building without shattering, bending, twisting, crushing, crimping, crumpling, or slowing down.

Wile E. Coyote from the Road Runner cartoon is shown as having smashed through a brick wall in an amusing but physically impossible way.

  • Many witnesses insist they saw a fireball explosion in the south tower but did not see or hear any plane (videos below).

Parallels with Covid

Knowledge of 9/11 guides understanding of recent and future Covid tyranny by weaponized injections, masking, and lockdowns.

Those who did 9/11 and Covid have three characteristics:

  1. They are bold in using fear, lies, suffering, and death in false flag operations to manipulate, surveil, and enslave you.

  1. They are viciously cruel.

  1. They control government and media to hide information and prevent others from hearing you.

Intel agent saw plane?

One of the most impactful 9/11 psyops came from alleged intelligence agent and “Harley shirt guy” Mark Walsh, whom Fox interviewer Rick Leventhal called a “freelancer for Fox.”

Walsh, sounding like everything he said came from a well-rehearsed script, claimed to have seen a plane “ream right into” the second tower.

Fox News and other TV networks appear to have carefully implanted false ideas in our minds as the event unfolded in real time, making the ideas hard to dislodge later.


Both towers came tumbling down. …

They actually disintegrated into fine dust and didn’t “tumble down.”

We want to bring in Mark Walsh, who's a freelancer for Fox.

You live just a few blocks away and witnessed ….

“Harley shirt guy“ Walsh:

Dude, I live on the 43rd floor of a building which is five blocks from the World Trade Center itself.

I witnessed the entire thing from beginning to end.


People talk about how it looks like a movie.

I know when I came walking down here earlier this morning, I saw both towers on fire and people on every street corner.

It was like a movie, but you watched the planes hit the towers.

“Harley shirt guy“ Walsh:

I was watching with my roommate.

It was approximately several minutes after the first plane had hit.

I saw this plane come out of nowhere and just ream right into the side of the twin tower, exploding through the other side.

And then I witnessed both towers collapse, one first and then the second, mostly due to structural failure because the fire was just too intense.

Remarkably, before any engineering analysis could be performed, Walsh provides a dramatic but false scientific conclusion — a hypnotic suggestion for the masses — about “structural failure” of the buildings due to “too intense” fires.

(Notice the possible agent wearing a jacket and tie and standing between the pair at 1:28, maybe overseeing the interview to ensure it stays on message.)

Searing lies into memory through emotions

Evidently using a psychological warfare technique to emotionally reinforce in your mind the fake story they’re promoting, Walsh and Leventhal immediately then switch to true statements on subjects evoking powerful emotions: a) sympathy and concern for first responders; and b) fear in people panicking and “running for their lives screaming,” including “women pushing baby carriages.”


Obviously there were a lot of people inside the buildings at the time ….

“Harley shirt guy“ Walsh:

From the seventh precinct, and the first precinct, the fire department right here to seventh … those guys are all right there at ground zero when those things went down.

Here on day one, Walsh already refers to the WTC as “ground zero,” before it was a mainstream term pushed on us by our masters.

It seems Walsh knew how things were to play out.

And God bless, I know there's a lot of guys there that were around there. Hopefully they made it out.


What was happening around you, in the streets around you, as this was all going down?

“Harley shirt guy“ Walsh:

Absolute pandemonium. From my viewpoint, up 43 floors, I could see people running like ants, just absolutely scurrying for their lives.

Billows of smoke coming through the streets, just walking down the street, just pushing everybody back.

And then several minutes after, it looked like it had just snowed over the entire area.


Yeah, the debris.

The soot was thick on the street. There's still a dusting of it out here.

But when I was standing here and the towers collapsed, we saw police officers running for their lives, screaming, “Get back, get back, get back!”

And I'll tell you, that's a wake-up call when you see cops running for their lives and people too, women pushing baby carriages, that sort of thing.

“Harley shirt guy“ Walsh:

You had the first tower first. When that first went down, it just pushed everybody back.

And it was a good 15 minutes before the second tower finally collapsed. And it was just overwhelming. And by that point, it was just insane.

Fox News and these men provide constant reinforcement that the towers “came down,” “tumbled down,” and “collapsed,” instead of being turned into dust as really happened.

Jerome Hauer too

Walsh’s story and “emotion sealing” strategy are identical to those of “security” expert and alleged operative Jerome Hauer.

On 9/11, Hauer apparently falsely told Dan Rather how the buildings “collapsed” due to “weakened structure” from plane impacts and fuel fires.

Then Hauer immediately shifted the subject to “victims” and rescue worker “heroes,” distracting you and embedding his statements within your feelings of shock, empathy, and horror.

Witnesses say no plane

Below is hard-to-find video footage of people saying they saw the second (south) tower “explode” and that no plane crashed or was even seen or heard.

If true, this implies what you were shown on TV were computer-generated plane animations, not real commercial jetliners.

It also implies those who claim to have seen a plane hit the second tower are lying as intelligence operatives — allegedly including “Harley shirt guy” Mark Walsh — or mistaken.

I’m told it took more than 20 years for some of these videos to surface publicly.

I’ll try to collect more such videos here for interested subscribers to view and research.

The Fox News interview above, also by Rick Leventhal, was apparently shown only once live, then doffed from the internet until recently.

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