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Patrick Byrne says 15 million illegals will grab preplaced weapons to kill Americans and coordinate via Mayorkas’s invasion app

Byrne also claims China is behind it all (Updated 5/20/24)

In an interview aired January 2024 (part 2 here), founder and ex-CEO Patrick Byrne remarked (video above at 1:22):

If you go back to 2015, 2016, there was this strange thing Obama did.

He bought several million AR-15s or M4s and a trillion rounds of ammunition.

And they're spread in post offices and the IRS, and you know there's 1300 federal agencies, and each one has a depot of arms to the teeth.

I think those arms were prepositioned for the 10 or 12 million military-age males [15 million as of April 2024, says Byrne] who have just been recruited through this [Homeland Security phone] app.

I've actually been saying that for a while.


Do you have a name for the app? [Editor: It’s called CBP One.]

Patrick Byrne:

Not offhand, but they're finding it on all their phones, no matter where they come from: Pakistan, Africa, South America.

There's one app that people download globally, and it helps them on their whole journey to the Southern border of the US.

It's a recruiting tool for soldiers to come fight, is what I understand.

Byrne claims China runs the border invasion to destroy America

More on the CBP One migrant invader phone app

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Senator Josh Hawley (R-Mo) grills Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on the CBP One invasion app

Byrne says America’s invasion follows the plan of Chinese General Chi Haotian’s speech

JR Nyquist writes:

In 2005, The Epoch Times acquired a secret speech given by Defense Minister Chi Haotian to high-level Communist Party cadres sometime before his retirement in 2003.

Details given in Chi’s speech coincide with previously unpublished defector testimony on Sino-Russian military plans.

Summary of General Chi’s speech

General Chi Haotian's speech, addressed to high-level Communist Party cadres, outlines China's strategic outlook and measures to secure the nation's future dominance, emphasizing aggressive development, territorial expansion, and unconventional warfare methods, including use of bioweapons.


Chi begins by expressing enthusiasm over a survey indicating the willingness of future Chinese soldiers to kill noncombatants, interpreting this as readiness for ruthless warfare. He outlines the speech's central theme: necessity of aggressive development and expansion for China's future.

Justification for the survey

Chi explains the survey's aim was to gauge public support for potentially massive casualties in enemy countries, assessing readiness for China's global development.

Concept of development

The speech underscores that "development" extends beyond domestic growth to include global ambitions, referring to the "great revitalization of the Chinese nation," implying expanding China's influence and territory worldwide.

Historical and cultural superiority

Chi asserts Chinese racial and cultural superiority, claiming independent evolution from other races and a unique civilization that dates back over a million years. He cites the Tang Dynasty's peak and attributes China's temporary decline to Western civilization surpassing it due to Chinese complacency.

Shifting center of civilization

Chi and other Party theorists predict a shift of global leadership from the West back to China, marking the 21st century as the Chinese Century. This belief drives the Party's objective of national revitalization and global dominance.

Lessons from history

Chi reflects on the failures of National Socialist Germany and Imperial Japan, highlighting three main mistakes: fighting too many enemies simultaneously, lacking patience, and being too lenient. He draws parallels between China's current situation and pre-World War II Germany, emphasizing that China must avoid these errors to succeed.

Strategic imperatives

  1. Living space

Chi stresses that securing sufficient living space is crucial due to China's population and resource constraints. This implies territorial expansion and colonization.

  1. Leadership of the Party

Ensuring the absolute leadership of the CCP is essential for national cohesion and effective governance. The Party must maintain control to prevent internal dissent and ensure smooth implementation of its policies.

  1. Becoming "Lords of the Earth"

The ultimate goal is for China to become the global hegemon, surpassing Western powers in influence and control.

Comparison with National Socialist Germany

Chi points out both similarities and differences between China and National Socialist Germany, emphasizing China's longer history, larger population, and superior cultural heritage. He argues China is better positioned to achieve global dominance due to its atheistic and unified society.

Role of atheism

Chi argues that atheism and worship of sages, rather than deities, form the foundation of Chinese unity and centralism. This ideological stance is seen as crucial for maintaining Party control and preventing Western theological influence.

Challenge of Western democracy

Chi warns against the infiltration of Western democratic ideals, which could undermine the CCP's authority. He emphasizes a need to maintain strict Party control and promote atheism to ensure societal cohesion and loyalty.

Strategies for global dominance

  1. Military and economic preparation

Chi stresses the importance of preparing for war while developing economically. He mentions construction of underground facilities to withstand nuclear attacks and a need to maintain military readiness.

  1. Biological weapons

Chi discusses strategic use of bioweapons as a means to "clean up" America and reserve its land for Chinese colonization. He notes conventional weapons are insufficient for this purpose and emphasizes development of modern biological technology capable of causing mass casualties without destroying infrastructure.

  1. Nonconventional warfare

Chi advocates for a strategic and patient approach to weakening the United States, including infiltrating American society, learning from their technological advancements, and maintaining a facade of peaceful relations until China is ready to strike decisively.


Chi concludes by reiterating the importance of securing living space, strengthening Party leadership, and pursuing global dominance through unconventional warfare methods. He calls for a strategic and patient approach to achieve these objectives, learning from past mistakes to ensure China's future success.

In summary, General Chi Haotian's speech lays out a comprehensive strategy for China's future, emphasizing need for expansion, strong Party leadership, and use of bioweapons and other nonconventional strategies to achieve global dominance. The speech reflects a nationalist and expansionist vision, rooted in a belief in Chinese cultural and racial superiority.

Next we’ll look at whether China is in charge as Byrne alleges:

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