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All Blacks and Hispanics and nearly all Whites in America will be exterminated: Patrick Byrne

And 30 million Whites will be kept alive as slaves, he reports (Updated 6/10/24)

In the video excerpted above at 1:35 (part 1 here), founder Patrick Byrne says China — using 15 million military-age men who’ve invaded the US during Biden’s administration and thousands of United Nations “blue helmet” soldiers — will slaughter all Hispanics and Blacks and all but 30 million Whites, who will be enslaved.

Yet, although a civil attack on Americans by illegals now looms, evidence indicates China, while perhaps cooperating, is not running the operation.

In the April 2024 video below, Byrne says those who want to destroy America will create street violence on a much larger scale than did the antifa and BLM mobs of 2020.

During those Covid lockdown riots, the police, FBI, and courts stood down in many instances, failing to protect citizens’ lives and property or to arrest and punish lawbreakers.

Byrne asserts that these actions plus Covid restrictions were aimed to demoralize and disorient Americans and plunge them into crisis.

In the video below, Byrne implores elected sheriffs to organize citizen militias, including ex-special forces such as Green Berets and Navy Seals, to fight against this attack by millions of invading foreigners and UN soldiers.

One hopes this idea will be implemented soon if it hasn’t already.

How Byrne’s analysis appears wrong

Although Byrne is clearly knowledgeable and seems sincere, he apparently offers a limited hangout, providing vital, true information while obscuring motivations, goals, and identities of perpetrators.

It’s difficult to determine whether Byrne intends this misdirection.

One clue to Byrne’s possible coverup is his strong support of Trump, a favorite of [redacted] intelligence.

While millions want Trump elected president again because he promises to end illegal immigration and deport invaders, Trump — like Biden — supports policies that destroy American lives and liberties and are promoted by [redacted] intelligence.

For example:

  1. Trump avidly promotes Covid injections associated with large numbers of excess deaths and disability and allegedly run by [redacted] military intelligence.

  2. He recommends “red flag” laws to seize guns from law-abiding citizens without due process.

  3. Trump forced America into deadly lockdowns on the “advice” of alleged [redacted] intelligence operatives including Jared Kushner and Scott Gottlieb and market short sellers like Bill Ackman.

  4. He demands unconstitutional “antisemitism” laws that violate the First Amendment right to free speech, and he even calls for the death penalty for vaguely defined “antisemitic” acts.

Let’s examine where Byrne seems incorrect.

1. They aim to kill mainly Whites, not Blacks and Hispanics

As most of the 15 million invaders flooded into the US by Biden’s handlers Mayorkas, Garland, and Blinken are Hispanics, Africans, or Arabs, do you think they’ll kill all the Blacks and Hispanics in America?

Or will they kill mainly Whites, whom they’ve been propagandized for many years by [redacted] intelligence agencies to hate and discriminate against?

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How about UN soldiers?

As of March 2024, the racial and ethnic makeup of UN “peacekeeping” forces, known as "blue helmets," reflects contributions from a range of countries:

1. Bangladesh: The largest contributor with 7,272 personnel.

2. Nepal: 6,134 personnel.

3. India: 5,713 personnel.

4. Rwanda: 5,325 personnel.

5. Pakistan: 4,336 personnel.

6. Egypt: 3,029 personnel

7. Indonesia: 2,743 personnel

8. Ethiopia: 4,146 personnel

9. Ghana: 3,378 personnel

10. China: 2,681 personnel

The top 18 countries are all non-Western and constitute 71% of all UN forces (45,991 out of 64,382 uniformed personnel).

Troops from Western Europe, America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand make up only 6.7% of UN soldiers in 2024 (4,341 out of 64,382).

Source table: United Nations.

Do you really think these UN forces will kill all Hispanics and Blacks in the US and spare 30 million Whites?

2. It’s not China running this

The destruction of America by injection and invasion is a [redacted] military intelligence operation, say experts.

One researcher calls it a “Judeo-masonic-Bolshevist conspiracy.”

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