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Tucker Carlson’s live tour: blow $1,500 for a ticket to sit there and be lied to

Celebrity limited hangouts drain your energy and wallet to reinforce fake narratives, but “it’s going to be fun as hell,” assures Tucker (Updated 6/16/24)

Tucker Carlson has assembled an all-star cast of coverup artists for his American tour to convince you China, Russia, and White “nazis” are America’s main enemies, Trump will save us, and one must never discuss [redacted] intelligence agencies.

Have fun wasting hours in traffic to see these people.

Ticket prices range from $71 to $1,515 per person, a seemingly fantastic deal to be propagandized while “entertained.”


The Daily Signal reports:

Carlson’s stops will feature actors Roseanne Barr and Russell Brand; musician Kid Rock; former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy; media personalities Glenn Beck, Dan Bongino, Alex Jones, and Megyn Kelly; and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk, [congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, and] Donald Trump Jr., the former president’s son, …


You’ll get to hear Tulsi Gabbard regurgitate the fabricated tale that Arab hijackers flew planes into the towers on 9/11 “to attack our freedoms,” Tulsi quickly reinforcing the lie with emotional memory tying by immediately thereafter mentioning “brave heroes, our first responders” (video below at 0:30).

Although Tulsi correctly notes the US waged wars after 9/11 for regime change in the Middle East, she attributes this only to “our leaders [having] failed us,” instead of revealing [redacted] intelligence did 9/11 and led these wars in [redacted]’s interests, not America’s, by controlling Congress (see also here) and presidents, according to observers.

Or maybe you’ll hear Vivek Ramaswamy say the bad guys are “the managerial class,” a faceless bureaucracy with no one calling the shots, he claims.

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And don’t forget to catch Glen Beck discussing “19 holocausts” and how he pled with leaders to become a dual citizen of [redacted] (video below at 0:50) while neglecting to mention what experts say is [redacted]’s role in 9/11, Covid, the Kennedy assassinations, the USS Liberty, and constant surveillance and censorship of Americans.

You’ll surely marvel when Alex Jones declares the Old Testament “an owner’s manual” and agrees with the late Dr. Zev Zelenko that “pagans” and “idolators” must be “decapitated” under Noahide laws.

And Jones might repeat the message you hear from Naomi Wolf, Reiner Fuellmich, and Vera Sharav that the people behind deadly lockdowns, Covid shots, and masks are “nazis,” meaning Germans and other White people of European descent.

Note how Jones cues Dr. Zelenko in the video below to show an “archetypal image” of tyranny, which turns out to be a Hollywood movie photo of a fake “nazi” killing.

Dr. Zelenko then mentions an allegedly discredited story about “lampshades” that is horrifying enough to goad gullible people to hate European Whites.

But you’ll be thrilled to hear Roseanne Barr also tell you “enemies of free speech” who are behind “debt slavery, human trafficking, [and] organ trafficking” are “nazis,” again evidently referring to Germans particularly and Europeans more widely.

A subscriber says this theme is related to The Myth of German Villainy, a book I have not read and know nothing about.

What do you think about Tucker’s tour?

Is it worth your time and money to be fed lies and misdirection?

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