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Biden is paying NGOs $1 trillion for millions of foreign men to invade America and kill us: JJ Carrell

Forty-five million illegals are already in the US, he notes (Updated 5/26/24)

In the video above, 24-year veteran of Customs and Border Protection JJ Carrell reveals disturbing information about a partnership between nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and the federal government.

Carrell says:

  • This partnership involves at least hundreds of billions of dollars transferred to NGOs so far during Biden's administration.

  • Carrell's investigation reveals NGOs like Jewish Family Services and Catholic Charities receive substantial government funding.

  • The process begins with federal agencies like the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) cutting large checks to primary NGOs.

  • Jewish Family Services was the initial recipient of a $600 million check for a contract that lasted three to six months. This funding was supposed to be allocated for services related to transportation, food, clothing, and housing for illegals.

  • Carrell explains that after receiving the initial lump sum, Jewish Family Services then allegedly distributed these funds to numerous subcontractors responsible for executing specific aspects of the immigrant “resettlement” process. These subcontractors are smaller NGOs or companies supposedly tasked with providing essential services like food distribution, temporary housing, and healthcare.

  • However, a critical and troubling detail is payments for subcontractors' services were routed back to the same bank account as Jewish Family Services, says Carrell. This means while the subcontractors claimed to be performing duties, funds intended to pay them were being funneled back into the primary NGO's account.

  • Carrell says this arrangement creates a money-laundering scheme where the same entity, Jewish Family Services, receives payments repeatedly for different services, obscuring the actual flow of money and making it difficult to track how funds are spent.

Why do President Biden, DHS Secretary Mayorkas, Attorney General Garland, and Secretary of State Blinken facilitate this massive illegal influx of foreign soldiers into America?
Is the invasion related to what the rabbi below says, that America and Europe must be destroyed?

  • Carrell emphasizes lack of oversight or vetting of these transactions, citing the chaotic and emergency nature of the border situation as a justification used by the government to expedite funding without thorough checks.

  • Millions of people are crossing the border, and agencies like Border Patrol, DHS, and FEMA say they lack the resources or official orders to manage the influx.

  • In facilitating movement of people and goods into the U.S., NGOs have created a chaotic and unregulated system.

  • 50-70 percent of the 45 million illegal immigrants in the US are military-aged men between 18 and 35 years old.

  • Biden and Mayorkas have brought 30 million illegals into the US.

  • Carrell believes this influx is a military-style invasion orchestrated by the U.S. government, which he claims is the enemy of the American people.

  • He criticizes the mainstream narrative that portrays the immigrants as primarily family units and children.

  • Specific examples of NGO operations include the Ramada Inn in San Diego and the Row Hotel in New York City (housing about 5,000 illegals), where the federal government has been paying for rooms and meals for illegal immigrants for about three years.

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The cost of providing meals is exorbitant, with 1,500 meals delivered daily to one hotel at about $30 per meal.

  • In the Row Hotel, the cost of housing and feeding one person for a year is $36,000.

  • The NGOs are buying new buses and $150,000 Mercedes vans to transport illegals.

  • Carrell highlights corruption within these systems, citing instances where nurses and other service providers are paid excessive amounts, such as one nurse earning $20,000 a week.

  • A lawsuit filed in Texas by the Guatemalan Attorney General and General Secretary accuses the Biden administration of funneling over $21 million to an NGO called Save the Children, which is allegedly involved in child sex trafficking.

  • Jill Biden was on the board of this organization, adding a layer of political mess and potential conflict of interest.

Do you understand what they have planned for America and Europe?

  • Mass illegal migration is impacting American jobs and wages, with high inflation and new minimum wage laws causing layoffs and increasing automation.

  • New York City Mayor Eric Adams suggested employing illegal immigrants as lifeguards “because they swam across the Rio Grande and are good swimmers,” which Carrell finds absurd.

  • During Biden's term, total expenditure on illegal immigration has likely surpassed a trillion dollars.

  • Carrell says 45 million illegal aliens — and 52 million total foreign nationals with no loyalty to the United States — are currently living in America, constituting about 15% of the population and raising deadly concerns about national security and societal stability.

Could this relate to planned “revenge” against European people throughout the West as discussed by the rabbi below?

Is it wise for believers to accept the word of religious leaders who say, “America has to fall”?

How does this relate to the invasions, injections, masks, and vax passports they assail us with? 

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