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Fight Club movie reveals [redacted]’s role in 9/11

They implanted ideas about the attack, many of them false, in the public’s mind two years before it happened (Updated 6/3/24)

The 1999 film Fight Clubhailed by [redacted] intelligence front The New York Times as the "defining cult movie of our time" — was executive produced by self-professed [redacted] spy Arnon Milchan with the apparent purpose of providing predictive programming for 9/11 to the masses.

Many are still deceived into believing Arab hijackers on 9/11 flew planes into buildings that collapsed due to jet fuel fires, a story shoved down our throats by alleged [redacted] operatives Michael Chertoff and Philip Zelikow.

Instead, [redacted] military intelligence did 9/11, with assistance from puppet intelligence agencies in the US — including the CIA and FBI — and possibly those in other countries, say researchers like Laurent Guyenot PhD, Christopher Bollyn, Alan Sabrosky PhD, and Heinz Pommer PhD.

Declassified FBI documents reveal Milchan, who also produced Oliver Stone’s assassination coverup flick JFK, worked together with Benjamin Netanyahu to steal US nuclear technology in the 1970s for [redacted] (video above at 13:02 and video below).

Fight Club misleads on key issues

Fight Club’s producer Milchan evidently wanted to prepare you for the mayhem of 9/11, which ushered in warrantless surveillance of Americans and more wars for [redacted], as well as have you absorb the following false impressions in the hope you’d never learn the truth:

  1. Skyscrapers would “collapse”: mostly false

The Twin Towers (WTC 1 and 2) didn’t collapse but rather disintegrated into dust, losing at least 95% of their mass by apparent molecular dissociation, leaving a relatively small amount of debris on the ground.

Buildings made of steel, aluminum, and concrete turned to dust.

Although at least the outer frame of WTC 7 collapsed at free fall speed, the inner core of the building was also apparently converted to dust by a nuclear device, producing characteristic cauliflower clouds.

  1. Planes would fly into buildings: false

See this article:

  1. Conventional explosives would be the primary mechanism: false

Nuclear reactors provided directed energy for destruction of the towers, find nuclear physicists Heinz Pommer PhD and Francois Roby PhD (see also here).

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  1. Culprits are non-[redacted] White people of European descent: false

Like nearly all Hollywood movies, Milchan’s Medusa Touch, Fight Club, and The Lone Gunman (coproduced with Rupert Murdoch) promote antiwhite themes, depicting terrorists as White Europeans — like Fight Club’s stars Brad Pitt and Ed Norton — destroying buildings with planes or explosives.

This is similar to how we’re told by Covid “opposition” leaders like Reiner Fuellmich and Vera Sharav that those behind injection passports and lockdowns are European “nazis.”

Here’s an interesting article by Juliet Bonnay on this topic:

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Figure it out

Knowing who did 9/11 is important in understanding who attacked us with the Covid bioweapon and mandates for injections and masks and who controls multiple sides of discussion, censors us, and reduces our food supply.

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